Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pro Pet Choice

(This blog originally posted on 5/14/2005.)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Designer Dogs
Complete Idiot's Guides
Margaret H. Bonham - Author

Ms. X hasn't read this book, so don't consider this an endorsement, yet. However, I think the concept's sound.

"With photos, descriptions, specifications, and characteristics of more than 22 designer “breeds,” this helpful guide provides detailed information on everything aspiring pet owners need to know, including finding a breeder."

This is a great idea. Crossbreeds are an 'idea whose time has come' you might say, judging from their popularity. But truth is while the advantages of crossbreeds have only just begun to be sought in dogs, crossbreeding is a long established practice with other domesticated animals.

And finally, some ambitious, dynamic and caring dog lover (stop now, I know what your thinking but it wasn't Ms. X ) has stepped up to the plate and written an all-persons guide to these modern advancements in pet choice.

And what's her reward? The pedigreenatics claim "How Irresponsible!"'

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Worlds' Window

Throughout the course of history, when someone or a group of someones have wanted to gain control of society, they push their agendas by influencing emotions and undermining the real knowledge of the masses.

In other words, buying indulgences to keep your loved ones out of hell was par for the course, until the Bible was translated in everyday language and Gutenberg invented the printing press and Viola! People could learn truth for themselves.

Today there are many books, all printed in common languages. But that doesn't mean they are actually read. Certainly in dogdom there are still many someones pushing agendas through emotional appeal and suppression of fact.

You see it in the breeder who tells her vet how to treat her dog. "You have to do it this way" she says. "Because an experienced breeder said so!" And THEN she gets on her chat group and asks "why do we do it this way?"

It's in the dog trainer, that espouses "purely positive" tactics but has never heard of Breland or Bailey.

In GutenDog Press, we'll share insights from real educational works, and go to ground after emotional hype.